The sphere of furniture has its own specifics and complexity.

In the course of many years of work, we have come across various situations, sometimes not entirely pleasant for us and for our customers. Today, our experience allows us to quickly find the best solutions in any situation. Damage to products during transportation, incomplete complete set, factory defects - we will never leave you alone with the problem that has arisen! It should be noted that we solve most of the small issues on the spot upon delivery.

We also carry out the assembly. Most of the products are transported only disassembled, and assembly takes place already at the place of delivery. Our professionals will do everything efficiently, quickly and accurately.

We work with leading furniture manufacturers and importers, as well as with manufacturers with an exclusive range. We know all the nuances about the actual delivery and production time of products. The workload of production at a particular factory can cause an increase in the production time of the goods, which we certainly inform our customers about. If the deadline for the customer is extremely important, the best options for timely receipt of the furniture will be offered.

The assortment of our store is constantly updated and corresponds to the latest trends in the world furniture market. We keep track of all trends and novelties and offer the best of them to our audience. What furniture is most in demand today? Comfortable, stylish, reliable and environmentally friendly. This is exactly the kind of furniture you will find in our store. We are glad to develop and keep up with the times with you!

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